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by Tristan Stewart-Robertson CHANGING a voting system is about as easy as getting quality, non-American television sometimes. You know it’s out there somewhere, but finding it is another matter. So the UK will go to the polls to decide how it goes to the polls – to AV or to not AV. The No campaign [...]

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PRESS RELEASE April 15, 2011 Win the Election with CompareTheParties.co.uk! We’re offering the chance for a young Scot to win a press pass for election night in Glasgow and report live from the count. Don’t just watch the Scottish Parliament elections on TV – see it in person, as candidates await the voters’ decisions and [...]

Disability issues, access to voting and the importance of voting by Steve Sinclair, disability campaigner I am a 50-year-old disabled person and I believe that this election is one of the most important ever for the disabled community. The current Westminster administration’s plans for the National Health Service and benefits system are shocking to say [...]

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by Tim Duffy, Research and Development, Justice & Peace Scotland The prevailing mood of distrust of politicians is fairly high these days. And where people feel marginalised – economically, socially and culturally, there is little incentive to get involved. There is a correlation between deprivation and non voting. Yet for all its restrictions, voting is [...]